How to Find the Right Carpet Cleaning Software for You

If you’ve been in the upholstery carpet cleaning business for years, it only means you’re still in business because customers keep coming in. It’s also likely you have expanded your operation to acquire more people for your growing customer base.

Handling and tracking employees, scheduling appointments, and filing records could become overwhelming at times. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a lot of carpet cleaning software these days that could make managing your business easy as 1-2-3.

Before you decide to buy software, you have to consider several features that would make your operation as smooth and simple as possible. Think about these functions that should be included in the software.


Easy to Use

Choose software that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Complicated ones could slow down your operation instead of making it efficient. Employees may have a hard time following which tabs to go to and how to create files, schedules, etc. so learn about the software before buying it.

Make sure the software has video tutorials for easy learning or tutorials on sites like YouTube.



One of the reasons for buying software is its ability to automate certain functions – job reminders, payment reminders, appointment confirmation and follow-ups, marketing campaigns, messages.

These are important features to ensure everything will be according to schedule, and you do not end up losing clients because somebody forgot to do their job.


Effective Communication

Internal communication is essential in a busy business. There should be clear communication from the management to their employees to ensure all tasks are carried out successfully. A carpet cleaning software should be able to provide flawless communication. You should be able to send notifications to every team member, and they should be able to respond promptly.


Integrated CRM

All business related information like client details, invoices, payment history, job history, and all other necessary details should be entered in one portal. It should be accessible to all concerned and would have a privacy setting, so others who should not see the information are kept out. After all, customer data is sensitive.


Data Security

Losing company is probably the worst thing that could happen in business. Data breach makes people question how secure their information is on your system, especially if they deal with you online. It should have a back up on very secure servers, not one that can easily be hacked.


Report Creation

Despite the fact that almost everything now can be accessed and readily available online, there will be instances when you need to print detailed reports. End-of-the-year meetings often require such information, so management could easily compare business information. You may need the paperwork as well for taxes, balancing books, etc. The software should be able to provide this feature and allow you to send data to a printer.


Easy Transfer of Data

If you’re moving company details onto another software, it should have a feature that allows you to transfer all company details from the previous one you’ve used. It’s too much hassle to move them manually.

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I had an issue with some stats and such,  I needed the data very urgently. Wrote to support, they were very fast and fixed my issue within minutes.  Highly recommend.